The year 2020 witnessed a qualitative jump in marketing the phosphate, fertilizer, and aluminum fluoride in terms of diversity and visibility on the international markets. JPMC products were exported to many new markets including the United States of  America and Sudan. The share of other markets such as Brazil and others increased in addition to attaining our share on the traditional markets. The sharp drop in phosphoric acid prices and DAP has affected the Company sales to all markets and the pandemic which has had its impact on all international markets.

Notwithstanding the circumstances worldwide in 2020 and the inability of some buyers to consume all contracted quantities due to logistic and financial reasons, the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company succeeded in selling 8,552 million tons of phosphate  out of which 4,518 million tons exported overseas and 4,034 million tons supplied to the Industrial Complex in Aqaba and to the associate and subsidiary companies. The Indian market share accounted for 68% of total Jordanian exports. In addition, the Company succeeded in achieving 86% of its targeted marketing plan of 2020.

The Company recorded the largest number of phosphate fertilizers’ exports for tens of years. It sold 778 thousand tons of DAP; the Company marked a historical milestone when  it loaded 70 thousand tons of fertilizers on the largest vessel of its kind where the quantity was exported to the American market. Other 6461 tons of aluminum fluoride was sold and the Company could fulfill its commitments to provide the phosphoric and sulfuric acids to the associate companies and the local market from its own products and those of the associate companies.