Jordan Phosphate Mines Company

Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is a public shareholding limited company, founded in 1949. Its current capital is JOD 247.5 million. The Company aims at mining and processing phosphate ore in Jordan.

During the last six decades, the Company has assumed its pioneering position among the international companies in the fields of mining and producing fertilizers. It has become a major component of the Jordanian economic structure and exports.

The activities of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company can be classified under two complementary sectors: mining sector and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing sector. Through the integration of both sectors, the company has firmly proven its capabilities in the international markets.

The company operates its production activities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which has the fifth largest reserve of phosphate in the world, equaling 3.7 billion tons, 1.25 billion tons of which are the reserves of the company’s mines. That made Jordan Phosphate Mines Company to be the second largest exporter, and sixth largest producer of phosphate in the world, with production capacity exceeding 7 million tons of phosphate annually.

The Company’s Headquarter is located in Amman, the capital. The Company owns as well, four mines located in the center and south of the Kingdom, namely: Russaifa, Al-Hassa, Wadi Al-Abiad, and Eshidiya mines, in addition to the Department of Research and Quality in the city of Russaifa, and the Industrial Complex in the city of Aqaba, which aims at transforming the phosphate raw material into other products with added values. The Industrial Complex is considered one of the largest phosphate fertilizers complexes in the Middle East. Furthermore, the Company has constructed the Phosphate Port, located in Aqaba, which is especially used for exporting phosphate. The phosphate port facility is enhancing the operations of phosphate exporting to the various international markets. The Company is currently working on expanding and developing the Industrial Port, and adding certain modifications to adhering to environmental issues.

Today, we feel proud with our achievements, products, and the fulfillment of our commitments towards our clients, towards our staff and their rights and benefits, and capability in continuously offering more job opportunities to the nationals of Jordan. Additionally, we are proud of establishing a solid chain of successful projects with our strategic partners in the international and local markets to produce the phosphate ore, expanding exploration sites, and manufacturing various types of phosphate fertilizers. To maintain that forefront, we are working hard on improving the performance, developing the products, and upgrading the products competitive quality.

+2300 Employees

247.5 Million Dinars Capital

11 Million Tonnes/year Production Capacity

Our Vision

Pioneerism, excellence, and sustainability in the sector of mining and phosphate fertilizers including top quality standards and environmental conservation.

Our Mission

JPMC implements exploration and mining works of phosphate and develops innovated products with high quality and competitive worldwide by employing modern technology training and qualifying its human resources with an eye on all aspects of sustainable development of environment and community via its operations.

Our Purpose

Transforming Rock Phosphate to Sustainable Plantation and Life.

Our Core Values

 The Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is deriving its strength in its business from its Seven Values. These values are considered to be the foundation of all of its businesses, for which they help the Company to achieve success and maintain its forefront position among the highly valued international companies:


Having the Team Spirit while working to achieve Company's objectives

Nurturing Employees

Employing the national workforce, developing and training them, and promoting the spirit of competition and innovation among them


Making profit for the shareholders, and supporting the national economy

local Community

Taking Part in serving and developing the local Community

Customers Satisfaction

FulFilling customer requirements in terms of quality, quantity, delivery dates and after-sales service


Maintaining the safety of the workers, and providing them with the comfortableness means


Preserving the environment resources and natural resources in accordance with the accepted international standards


To achieve outstanding and sustainable performance levels that fulfills the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, throughout creating an organizational culture that supports the continuous development and improvement, innovation, knowledge exchange, and track the latest technology. Therefore, there will be proactive and flexible response to the ongoing and unforeseen changes and variations in the ecological system of the Company.

 Quality Policy

Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) strives to be recognized by our employees, customers, community and shareholders as a responsible organization that conducts our business in a manner that ensure customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality is reflected through programs focused on continual improvement and reasonable compliance with: applicable regulations, industry standards and best practices, and contractual requirements. Planned, integrated and consistent efforts involving every element of our organization; create these results.

JPMC and its staff are committed to provide the highest quality services and products, our technical competencies and range of services and products meet and exceed our stakeholder's expectations and needs including customers by maintaining effective external and internal communication.  

Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We understand our customers’ needs and realize that a long-term successful partnership can only be sustained by ensuring that high quality services and products are offered.

To achieve this, the management has ensured that Quality objectives are established and communicated to all staff. These Objectives are measurable and consistent with JPMC Quality Management system.

JPMC management is committed to provide the direction and means to implement the Quality Policy through setting & reviewing the following quality objectives:

  • Quality of our processes: JPMC shall untiringly work to improve its processes, procedures and methodologies to provide high quality services improving the quality experience of its customers.
  • Quality Competence: Actively encouraging employee growth by providing the tools and necessary training needed to achieve high quality services.
  • Quality of our Customers Experience: JPMC is committed to satisfying its customers’ needs and expectations by providing high quality and consistent services from the first time.
  • Effective implementation and continual improvement of a Quality Management System and its objectives in compliance with ISO standard 9001:2015 and international best practices.
  • Compliance with applicable quality requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed customer requirements related to quality.

We at JPMC will therefore establish and maintain a fully-fledged Quality Management System in the company that complies with national and international requirements & legislations, including those of ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, we will continually improve our management systems to enhance our quality performance through feedback from internal & external customers and alignment with any applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.