The company was able to achieve 95,4% of the marketing plan for 2021 which means achieving a record number of phosphate sales as the company was able to sale a quantity of 9,7 million tons of phosphate compared to (8,6 million tons of phosphate in 2020) with an increased percentage of 13,2% compared to 2020. In spite of this, the un-commitment of a number of customers to purchase the agreed quantities, which are estimated at about 850 thousand tons of phosphate, led to a deviation from the marketing plan of 2021. Even as the quantities of fertilizers sold during 2021 amounted to 700 thousand tons which means achieving the marketing plan for 2021 with an increasing percentage of 3%. However, the storage capacity in each of the phosphate port and the industrial complex in Aqaba is still one of the determinants the company encounters. The improvement in selling prices led to the company achieving the highest sales value, which exceeded USD 1,5 billion.