Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is considered one of the pioneering companies in producing high quality fertilizers at the world level. The Company’s Industrial Complex is one of the largest phosphate based fertilizers complexes in the Middle East.

Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), as a fertilizer is produced at a capacity reaching to 3000 metric tons daily. It contains 18% Nitrogen, and 46% Phosphorus pentoxide, which is soluble granular, and leads to easy absorption by the plants and vegetations. It can be used by farms machinery, for all crops and trees, and for either rain-fed or irrigated lands.

As a Company, we emphasize, day after day our global commitment for food security through the quality of our products. We see food security as the number one mainstay of life.  We see its availability and safety as our obligation for a safer and better life.