Research and Development

The Company gives scientific research, development, and product control the highest priority. By its qualified human resources, the Company conducts specialized researches in product development, industrial wastes reusing, environment conserving, and analyzing the required chemicals for the different types of phosphate during the production stages.

The Company’s management, as well, is keen on activating the role of the technical researches to improve the operations and the products, and maintaining the Company’s existence and status in the international markets. Thus, the Company conducts related studies, research and development, and providing technical services to its different departments, and companies and clients importing its products. In addition, the Company provides services to the scientific companies and institutions and universities with what serves the local community. Also, the Company trains university students and newly graduating students in it laboratories, as it is having various and wide experiences, technical and lab equipment, and pilot plants. Also, the Company conducts studies on the assessment of the discovered ores, in coordination with the other technical departments, and on produced phosphate quality upgrading. Furthermore, the efficiency of that quality upgrading is evaluated for the production of phosphoric acid.

In the fields of environment and safety, The Company is very keen on the general safety and the environment and having its activities conducted within acceptable environmental conditions through the application of the regulations related to environment and occupational health and safety, and in compliance with the international standards aiming at protecting the various elements of the environment in the various locations of the Company and their surroundings, preserving the natural resources like the surface and underground water and other resources, and preserving the unique Aqaba marine environment, the coral in particular.

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