Our History

Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. went through many stages of great influence on its efficiency in becoming one of the leading global companies in phosphate production; these events are the following:

1908, Phosphate in Jordan was discovered at Russaifa region while laying down Hejaz Railway in both regions of Russaifa and Al-Hassa.

1935, the start of operating Russaifa Mine.

1949, registering the Company in the Registrar of Limited Companies.

 1953, Changing the Company’s status to shareholding limited company.

 1962, the start of operating A-Hassa Mine.

 1979, the start of operating Wadi Al-Abiad Mine.

 1982, the start of producing fertilizers in the Industrial Complex.

 1986, buying the Industrial Complex.

 1988, the start of operating Eshidiya Mine.

 1992, the Indo Jordan Chemicals Ltd. Co. was founded in Eshidiya area, south of Jordan, to enhance the cooperation between India and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the manufacture of high-quality phosphoric acid, with a production capacity of 224 thousand tons annually.

 1992, Nippon Jordan Fertilizers Co. was founded in Aqaba to produce compound fertilizers and di-ammonium phosphate, with a production capacity of 300 thousand tons annually.

 2007, establishing Al-Abiad for Fertilizers and Chemicals Co., as an affiliated company, where the share of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is 25%.

 2007, establishing Manajim Mining Development Co.

 2008, establishing Jordan India Fertilizers Co., where the share of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is 48%.

 2009, establishing PT Petro Jordan Abadi Co. in Indonesia, to produce phosphoric acid, where the share of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. is 50%.

2010, constructing a new port for phosphate exporting.