Occupational Health

On periodical bases, Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. reviews and audits the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in order to monitor the Company’s performance and commitment for the development and continuous improvement in the field of occupational health and safety. That is to achieve the following objectives:

Preventing occupational accidents among the workers through the assurance of having safe working conditions and safe environment by providing the required safety and protection means.

Preventing the spread of the occupational diseases among the workers through defining and evaluating the risks that lead to spreading diseases, and the gradual application of the required controlling procedures, starting from eliminating the risks into the last resort of using the full safety gears. In addition, the Company is conducting periodical medical checkups to all the workers at all sites.

Conducting awareness sessions on occupational health and safety risks to the workers, and training them on the risks controlling methods.

Conducting awareness sessions to the workers and training them on the individual protection methods and fire fighting.

Applying the in-house accredited procedures for operations and maintenance and all other activities in accordance with the documented systems in the Company.

Conducting the follow-up on the latest issues related to occupational health and safety, in order to guarantee the systems development and performance improvement.

The Company is committed in presenting the Company’s applied occupational Health and Safety Policy to the contractors with the objective of requesting them to abide by the Policy.

To guarantee the safety of the Company’s workers, multiple projects that help in achieving the objectives related to the Occupational and Safety Policy and improving the work environment have been implemented. Among those projects are:

Installing fire alarm system in the storage facilities,in 2001

Installing fire alarm system in the Facilities Unit,in 2006.

Constructing a special store for the chemical solvents/ Central Lab,in 2006.

Installing fire alarm system in the sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid plants,in 2006. .

Equipping the Fluosilicic acid tanks with a network of channels to deal with outflows,in 2006. .

Controlling the phosphoric acid outflows from its acid of 54% tanks,in 2008.

Rehabilitating the phosphate unloading station and installing dust suction system,in 2008.

Installing fire alarm system in the fertilizers and aluminum fluoride plants,in 2008.

Opening the ammonia tank for maintenance (T-7801) purpose,in 2008

Installing smoke detectors in the Management premises, maintenance planning, and the restaurant,in 2009.

Constructing a new building for the Vehicles Workshop,in 2009.

Rehabilitating the fencing wall at the gypsum site,and installing speed tables (street bumps),in 2010.

Installing fire extinguisher system (FM-200) in the Facilities Unit,in 2010.

Building a protection fence around the ammonia storage facility to prevent the entrance of unauthorized people,in 2010.

Constructing rainwater drainage network,in 2011.

Constructing the Metal-Plastics Workshop,in 2011.

Rehabilitating walking passages at the acid concentration lines/ phosphoric acid plant,in 2011.

Gas suction system at the Electrical Workshop,in 2011.

Allocating a specific location for the rubber lining burning, in 2011.

Bringing the fertilizer plant up-to-date to reduce the release of ammonia gas,in 2011.

Allocating a specific location for the sand blasting hangar, under study.

Rehabilitating the cooling tower at the Facilities Unit,in 2012.

Bringing sulfuric acid plant up-to-date project,in 2012.

Constructing a hangar for the chemical materials (Eastern yard),in 2012.