Phosphoric Acid

It is a metallic acid with the chemical nomenclature of (H3PO4), also called Orthophosphoric Acid.Orthophosphoric acid molecules can unite to form several chemical compounds named phosphoric acids. It is an acid used in fertilizers industry.

Production Capacity:

Nine hundreds to 1310 tons of diluted phosphoric acid of (28% P2O4) concentration are produced daily, depending on the type, by having phosphate chemically reacts with sulfuric acid, which produced in the Industrial Complex, using (Prayon Wet Process).

Phosphate is delivered from the different mines by trucks, where trucks unload in the Phosphate Unloading Station, with its daily capacity of 6,500 tons. Phosphate is, then conveyed by conveyor belts to the two silos, each with the capacity of 18,000 tons. An open storage yard is of the capacity of 100,000 tons is also available.

Manufacturing Method:

Phosphate is moved by conveyor belts to Phosphate Crusher, with the capacity of 200 tons/hour, where all particles are having the size of less than 500 micron. Powdered phosphate reacts with sulfuric acid in a reactor with the capacity of 1,250 m3, in addition to the new reactor, which consists of diluted phosphoric acid and gypsum. The mixture is, then pumped to three incubators with the size of 280 m3 each, in order to enlarge the gypsum crystals. The resulting solution is filtered by (UCEGO) filter, and the diluted phosphoric acid is sent to the acid storage, to be concentrated later. The resulting gases from the reaction, which include multiple fluoride compounds, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, are washed by absorption towers before they are released to the atmosphere. Diluted phosphoric acid is concentrated in heat- exchangers from 28% to 52% in three concentration lines, using vacuum evaporation. Purification to part of the acid is applied to have part of the final product for exporting as a final product; a minor part is sent to the local market, another part to Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Co. fulfilling their needs of our phosphoric acid, while the major part is used in producing fertilizers.


Phosphoric acid is an intermediate product for multiple industries such as fertilizers, animal feed (dical), detergents, and some food industries.