Al Hassa Mine

It was established in 1962 with production capacity of about 0.5 million tons and employing around 787 people distributed on the production, administrative and managerial divisions, medical services, and the housing village.

Al-Hassa mine produces two types of phosphate:

  • (Regular type, which contains (65/70, 67/68, 72/70) percent of tri-calcium phosphate (TCP). This type is mined and dried, and then exported.
  • (The second type is the one that contains (68/66) percent TCP, which is conveyed to quality upgrading process through washing to raise the percentage to (73/75).

Prior to exporting the Jordanian phosphate, certain conditions have to be met, such as its type, its grade, and the percentage of silica, fluorine, chlorine. All these issues are determined by the Quality & Lab division to continuously have the final product according to the required standards.