Sirs / Madams, website Visitors:


On behalf of all the people working at all the production sites of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Co., and my behalf, please, allow me at the beginning to greet you all with the kindest greeting. This company, which is considered a major block in the national economy for its great contributions in developing Jordanian mining industry, increasing the Value Added of the Jordanian phosphate “the Jordanian Oil”, the employment of the workforce, increasing the money value of the national exports, and funding the state treasury with sustainable financial resources.

I have the honor, while carrying the responsibility of chairing the Company's Board of Directors to assure you that the Company has started new era in the path of success that has been led and initiated by the previous company's Chairmen and CEOs. This era that can be described through increasing the production base of the Company’s raw materials and manufactured products, through marketing and manufacturing partnership with the most notable importers of the phosphate fertilizers in Asia and other regions of the world, in addition to expanding the marketing base through penetrating non-traditional markets in Eastern Europe and Africa.

The company's medium-term plans, which are aiming at reaching an annual production of 15 million tons, require teaming up the efforts of all, employees, shareholders, partners and the Government, to achieve this ambitious goal.

The Company is heading towards the implementation of developmental projects reflecting the Company's medium-term strategy to expand production and exports alike. In addition, raw materials production, as well as the construction of new plants for the production of phosphate fertilizers in collaboration with strategic partners in the markets of consumption, in order to guarantee marketing the Company's full production.

Two factories will be soon inaugurated, one in Jordan through a strategic partnership between the Phosphate Company and the group IFFCO Cooperative in India, and the other factory in Indonesia. Beside two other factories: the first is in partnership with one of the Arab countries, and the other with the most developed country at the regional level. The two factories shall be constructed in those countries in full partnership in production and marketing with the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company.

The future is promising. Though, we began with a thoroughly studied and ambitious strategic plan to achieve the aspirations of the Nation’s Leader HM The King, that Jordan must be a regional center in the industry, research and services, and having the Phosphate Company to be at the forefront of the Jordanian companies that serve the national economy in terms of production, exports and value added.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Thneibat